• Who we are?
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Who we are?

building of plastics

Sentera Plastics Ltd. is a rapidly growing company that was established in 2006 and has focused its economic activity in several directions - technical plastic products, instrumental equipment and non-standard equipment. We develop a wide range of tools for metalworking, including various models of die cutting, punches, matrices, injection molds, blast molds, etc. In an atmosphere of professionalism, creativity, innovation and fruitful teamwork, the team of highly qualified engineers and employees at our disposal develops and creates the models of details and forms of the future. We achieve all of that thanks to a modern ERP system, computer equipment and specialized software.

The overall process of creating a conceptual project is closely connected to having constant communication with the client because before all else, we want to clarify all details and achieve a satisfactory result. We rely on our experience and knowledge in order to deliver highest quality product possible to our customer and establish a relationship with them based on trust.

Sentera Plastics was established when the market was very competitive which meant we needed to have a clear vision and a stable internal culture in order to grow steadily. Thankfully, exactly those things have helped us get to where we are today. Over the years, we have built up our financial stability and well-established principles for the successful realization of both our own and commissioned projects.

Our main principles

The main principles in our work have helped us deliver the same quality, passion and commitment to all of our customers and both external and internal projects. The execution of each project, relies entirely on the qualified team of specialists with many years of experience and innovative problem-solving knowledge. The application of new ideas for the design and execution of injection molds and dies is executed by using all proven and reliable new technologies. Only materials and finished elements with guaranteed quality and durability are selected and used. We use external services in order to make sure the project is finished by the time of the agreed deadline and there is constant control over the performance of each stage of the production process. We service, refinish, assemble, modify and store all of the tools. All of those principles are kept up to standard every day during our work process without an exception.

Following these principles leads to the main goal pursued by Sentera Plastics - the achievement of full satisfaction of its customers and establishing a long-lasting relationship with them based on trust and reliability. Every final product of the company is an expression of our capabilities, quality and security and is held up to highest of standards.

Products and services


In our quest to be an independent and high-tech company, we created and still are developing our own tool workshop. The production of the tool equipment is carried out using modern DMG milling centers and SODICK erosion machines.

For plastic products, the company has a dedicated injection shop with new Arburg injection machines, which are equipped with modern peripheral devices of leading manufacturers, such as Regloplast Arburg, Motan and Wittmann. Thanks to all of that, we have a diverse production range, including hundreds of different plastic parts for a variety of activities. The largest share in our production is taken by the HVAC industry.

Everything we have done up to this point is a prerequisite for the high quality of the products we manufacture which we believe is an absolute requirement for our field and success.

Internal culture

With us, the hierarchy is almost horizontal as all of us play a significant part of the working process and we rely on mutual respect. Decision-making is done quickly so neither our colleagues nor our customers feel forgotten or overlooked. We are the perfect place for innovators, creative people and people with a desire to develop. We offer more than just products, we offer solutions! Our co-workers are always proud of their work and stand by its’ quality.

Sentera Plastics can turn your ambitious ideas into reality and be your most reliable business partner!